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Rails Rumble 2008 entry by Ryan Bates and Kelli Shaver
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app Merge branch 'master' of
config linking assets directory on deploy
db adding migration to show each item in initial projects
lib always using project token in urls for activity messages
public final css edits
script adding initial rails app
spec adding palette show page
stories adding initial rails app
vendor/plugins adding openid support
.gitignore adding back lib/tasks directory and ignoring rspec.rake file in there
Capfile adding cap deploy files
README adding welcome controller with nifty layout
Rakefile adding initial rails app


My Idea Drawer

Still in progress.


After cloning the repository, run "script/setup" to set up your 
environment ready for development. This will install all the necessary 
gems and plugins.

If you want to run the tests, run "script/setup_test" to setup your 
test environment. And then you can run "rake spec" to run the specs.
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