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= Nested Form
+This branch is for Rails 2 and no longer maintained. Instead use the {master branch}[] with Rails 3.
A Rails plugin to conveniently manage multiple nested models in a single form. It does so in an unobtrusive way through jQuery.
This is in early development, so some of this documentation is not yet applicable.
@@ -8,7 +10,7 @@ This is in early development, so some of this documentation is not yet applicabl
This is currently only available as a plugin.
- script/plugin install git://
+ script/plugin install git:// -r rails2
== Usage
@@ -32,15 +34,6 @@ Use this form just like normal, including the fields_for helper method for nesti
This generates links which dynamically add and remove fields.
-== Partials
-It is often desirable to move the nested fields into a partial to keep things organized. If you don't supply a block to fields_for it will look for a partial and use that.
- <%= f.fields_for :tasks %>
-In this case it will look for a partial called "task_fields" and pass the form builder as an f variable to it.
== Special Thanks
This plugin is based on the solution by Tim Riley in his complex-form-examples fork.
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