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Strong_parameters support #199

kibs opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I am having a bit of trouble getting nested_form working with strong_paramters.

nested_form adds a "new" to the autogenerated ID, see #21 but strong_parameters only supports nested attributes keys containg only numeric values negative or positive numbers.

I have created a pull request adding a failed test to strong parameters rails/strong_parameters#40 but i would like to hear your opinion regarding this matter. I would think it is quite difficult getting strong_parameters working with "new"

@lest lest closed this issue from a commit
@lest lest don't prepend new_ to the nested fields keys
In order to be compatible with strong_parameters as it detects nested
fields array only with numeric keys.

Closes #199.
@lest lest closed this in ec5ed66

Fixed in d742482111a469df87f937904192ef8a4ceb21e1. Thanks!


Actually looking into why the new_ was added in the first place #21
I am not sure removing new_ is a good idea


fields_for doesn't use id field as key. It uses auto-incremental number started from 0. So conflict may occur only on rendering a form with million of nested fields.

Maybe at the time of #21 there was a different behavior but now it's not required to add new_ prefix.


ahh okay! makes sense! Thanks for fixing this

@ghostganz ghostganz referenced this issue from a commit
@ghostganz ghostganz jQuery: Making generated ids easily overridable
The ids were previously prefixed with 'new_', which we found useful,
but that was removed when #199 was fixed.
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