Replace BCrypt::Engine with BCrypt::Password #117

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As discussed in issue #113

Daniel Martin added some commits Jul 8, 2011
Daniel Martin No need to use Engine::generate_salt
Instead of using Engine::generate_salt and Engine::hash_secret, we can replace
them with Password.create
Daniel Martin No need set the salt separately in the fixtures 41d51a2
Daniel Martin Amend the test cases: we no longer generate a salt 2c91c0d
Daniel Martin Reduce the number of fields in the users table
BCrypt::Password handles the salt directly so we don't need to store it in a
separate column.
Daniel Martin Update the .gemspec with the new version of bcrypt bcb525f

Thanks for this. I had been meaning to add this. I am not yet certain if I want this in the next version bump or in a major release, but I hope to get it pulled in soon.


I had to look into this for another project so I figured you may be able to use bits or all of it, whatever works for you.

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