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# -------
# |@ Ss C>|
# -------
description "You discover a satchel of bombs which will help when facing a mob of enemies."
tip "Detonate a bomb when you see a couple enemies ahead of you (warrior.look). Watch out for your health too."
clue "Calling warrior.look will return an array of Spaces. If the first two contain enemies, detonate a bomb with warrior.detonate!."
time_bonus 30
size 7, 1
stairs 6, 0
warrior 0, 0, :east do |u|
u.add_abilities :look
u.add_abilities :detonate!
unit :captive, 5, 0, :west do |u|
u.add_abilities :explode!
u.abilities[:explode!].time = 9
unit :thick_sludge, 2, 0, :west
unit :sludge, 3, 0, :west
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