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adding level 9 to beginning tower

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1 parent 5843d87 commit ad30bc53078c21ceeda349df57b2779be38d45ce @ryanb committed May 4, 2009
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@@ -0,0 +1,19 @@
+# -----------
+# |>Ca @ S wC|
+# -----------
+description "Time to hone your skills and apply all of the abilities that you have learned."
+tip "Watch your back."
+clue "Don't just keep shooting the bow while you are being attacked from behind."
+time_bonus 40
+size 11, 1
+stairs 0, 0
+warrior 5, 0, :east
+unit :captive, 1, 0, :east
+unit :archer, 2, 0, :east
+unit :thick_sludge, 7, 0, :west
+unit :wizard, 9, 0, :west
+unit :captive, 10, 0, :west

5 comments on commit ad30bc5

good job. Will you go on?


ryanb replied May 14, 2009

When I find time yes. I still have much planned to do.

Would love to see an MMO based on ruby warrior some day :-D

rk replied Jun 10, 2009

Hey Ryan, just wanted to tell you that I've found this to be great amusement. I've been writing FSM's by the time I'm to the 3rd or 4th puzzle, but on intermediate my last AI came early (on the 2nd puzzle). I'm relatively new to AI, so would you mind looking at and critiquing my AI? Or at least looking at it and laughing at it? ;-)

(No personal pride in this, just so long as it wins!)

Really exciting game:)
Thanks, Ryan!

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