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22 lines (17 sloc) 0.852 kb do |s| = "xapit"
s.version = "0.3.1" = "Ryan Bates" = ""
s.homepage = ""
s.summary = "Ruby library for interacting with the Xapian full text search engine."
s.description = "Ruby library for interacting with Xapian. Includes full text search, faceted options, spelling suggestions, and more."
s.files = Dir["{lib,spec,features,rails_generators,tasks}/**/*", "[A-Z]*", "init.rb", "install.rb", "uninstall.rb"] - ["Gemfile.lock"]
s.require_path = "lib"
s.add_dependency 'rack'
s.add_development_dependency 'rspec', '~> 2.7.0'
s.add_development_dependency 'cucumber', '~> 0.10.2'
s.add_development_dependency 'rake'
s.rubyforge_project =
s.required_rubygems_version = ">= 1.3.4"
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