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Compile ruby applications into a single executable for for easy deployment
Ruby Pascal
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Original Code:

RubyScript2Exe compiles your application's Ruby script archive (created with Tar2RubyScript) into a standalone compressed Windows, Linux or Mac OS X (Darwin) executable. You can look at it as a “compiler”. Not in the sense of a source-code-to-byte-code compiler, but as a “collector”, for it collects all necessary files to run your script on another machine: the Ruby script, the Ruby interpreter and the Ruby runtime library (stripped down for this script).

You may also be interested in Ocra. A similar project that is actively maintained:

Updated to handle Ruby 1.8.7

require2lib.rb has been updated so that gem specs are now loaded via Gem.loaded_specs rather than via Gem::Specifications.list.

I've released this as it appears the original project is no longer being maintained. Feel free to pull this into any authoritative branch that may exist.


To build the repository you need to use Tar2RubyScript

ruby tar2rubyscript.rb rubyscript2exe/
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