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Get text out of CSV files and into TXT files
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Get text out of CSV files and into TXT files


This is a pretty basic collection of scripts that will dump texts out of CSV files and into TXT files. If you're looking for a GUI-driven program to do the same, you might want to check out EZPZTXT:

Python Scripts

CSV to

This script will prompt you for the columns to be used as filenames (usually some kind of subject/participant identifier), as well as which column contains your text samples.

CSV to Text - 20000 Files in

This script does the same as the one above it, but puts all .txt files into subfolders with a maximum number of files in any given folder set to 20,000. Use this for extremely large datasets so that you don't get folder bloat.

Python 3.x Scripts

Both of the scripts above have python 3.x versions (noted with - py3 in the filenames). The python 3.x versions are recommended, as they are much better at handling text encodings.

R Scripts

CSV to Text Files.R

The "R" equivalent to the python script above.

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