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Commits on Jul 20, 2012
@thomashug thomashug Adding Formatter plugin 4096d51
Commits on Jul 23, 2012
@lincolnthree lincolnthree Merge pull request #15 from thomashug/master
Add Formatter Plugin
Commits on Jul 25, 2012
Ryan Bradley Add to repository.yaml 85f1a85
Ryan Bradley Added SpringPlugin/SpringScaffold implementation
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  1. +16 −0 repository.yaml
16 repository.yaml
@@ -152,3 +152,19 @@ description: Plugin to deal with JDF - JBoss Developer Framework BOMs
artifact: org.jboss.jdf:jdf-plugin:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
tags: jboss, redhat, jdf, bom
+name: formatter
+author: Thomas Hug <>
+description: Formats Java code based on predefined settings or an Eclipse formatter XML.
+artifact: org.jboss.forge.formatter:forge-formatter-plugin:1.0.0.Alpha1-SNAPSHOT
+tags: format, java, eclipse
+name: spring
+author: Ryan Bradley <>
+description: Plugin to create/configure Spring MVC web applications. This contains both a ScaffoldProvider implementation, to work with the existing ScaffoldPlugin, as well as a SpringPlugin to modify existing projects.
+artifact: org.jboss.spring:forge-spring-mvc-plugin:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
+tags: spring, mvc, scaffold, jboss, redhat, webapp

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