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Heroku Bamboo Plugin

A plugin for interacting with Heroku during Atlassian Bamboo builds. Currently, the only build task available is WAR deployment, but expect more tasks to be introduced in the future.


WAR Deployment

This build task deploys a WAR file generated by your build directly to a Heroku app.

To deploy a WAR file, first make sure your build is successfully creating a deployable WAR file. If you are using Maven with <packaging>war</packaging>, the mvn package command will output the WAR file into its target directory. Otherwise, create the WAR file in whatever way is approiate for your build.

After the WAR file is created, add the Heroku: WAR Deployment task to your build configuration and specify:

  • API Key: Your Heroku API key to use for deployment. Your Heroku API key can be obtained from your Heroku account page.
  • App Name: The app to which to deploy.
  • WAR File: Relative path to the WAR file created in a previous build step to deploy

Local Development

Build & Run

  • Install direct-to-heroku-client-java:
    • git clone
    • mvn install -DskipTests
  • Download and install Atlassian Plugin SDK
  • Run: mvn bamboo:run Note, if running with your own Maven, be sure to also specify the settings.xml in the SDK


When running tests, be sure to provide system properties heroku.apiKey and heroku.appName for test API key and test app.