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Fluid Twitter
A Userscript for Fluid that streamlines the twitter interface to
make it usable in a flexible (but mostly thin) Fluid instance
(Assuming you've already downloaded Fluid from
1. Create a new Fluid SSB
-- URL: (you could also use, but home will redirect you to the login as necessary)
2. Run the Fluid SSB you just created
3. In the menu, navigate to Userscripts -> Open Userscripts Folder
4. Paste fluid_twitter.user.js into the SSB's Userscript folder
5. In the menu of your SSB navigate to Userscripts -> Reload All Userscripts
6. Navigate to Userscripts -> Fluid Twitter to toggle it's enablement (is that a word?)
7. Use Cmd-R to reload SSB window
You Win!
* As of FluidInstance 0.8.2, SSB's will not persist the enablement of your Userscripts. Translation: you will have to enable Fluid Twitter every time you open your SSB
* Have Fluid Twitter to a JSON request to see if your friends timeline has been updated before reloading the window. This will require a way to persist username (and possibly password).