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I wanted a way for git to show me when a commit was made from a pair during pair programming. As usual, git provides a mechanism for the concept using the --author option on git commit. Inspired by Bryan Helpkamp's git pairing script I wanted git-pair to have a list of authors that was loaded from outside the script. Git, being amazingly flexible, allowed me to store information about authors in the git config and access the information uniformly. And so it is.


Using GitHub's gem repo

sudo gem install ryanbriones-git-pair --source=

From source

git clone git://
cd git-pair
sudo gem install --local pkg/git-pair-X.X.X.gem


  • Add an author: git-pair add [--global] abbr 'Person <emailaddress>'
    • example: git-pair add --global js 'John Smith <>' # adds pair to ~/.gitconfig
    • example: git-pair add js 'John Smith <>' # WARNING adds pair to current git repo
  • Show available authors: git-pair show
  • Commit with a pair: git-pair commit [abbr] [git_options]


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