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Robofont extension for manipulating sidebearings.
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Robofont extension for manipulating your glyph’s sidebearings.
Sidebear installs itself in your Inspector, underneath the Glyph Info pane.

Actions include:

Enter Desired SB You may enter numerical values or glyph names. If you place a comma , before or after the glyph name, the opposite SB will be matched. (For example, ,n input on the LSB of glyph u will match the RSB of the n.)
Swap SBs

Make LSB = RSB
Center glyph Make SBs equal (Set width may change ± 1)
Make RSB = LSB

Choose an increment, then:

Contract both SBs equally by that increment.
Expand both SBs equally by that increment.

ʕ·ᴥ· ʔ
Enjoy designing with your friendly Sidebear Special thanks to Just van Rossum, Gustavo Ferreira, Frederik Berlaen, Frank Griesshammer, Erik van Blokland.
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