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Citrix Optimizer Community Template Marketplace

Currated list of custom templates created by the Citrix Community that can be added to Citrix Optimizer. See Blog Post for more detail.

To Use Community Marketplace

NOTE: You must be using Citrix Optimizer 2.0 or higher

  1. Open Citrix Optimizer
  2. Select Template Marketplace from left
  3. Select "Add New Marketplace" from the bottom left
  4. Add the following URL:
  5. Select Done

To Submit a template

  1. Create a fork of this repo
  2. Create a new folder under the templates folder reflecting the author of the template
  3. Copy any created templates to this new folder
  4. (Optional) Add a to your author folder if desired with anything you desire
  5. Commit and push any changes to your fork (NO NEED TO EDIT communitymarketplace.xml)
  6. Create Pull Request making sure to fill out the questionaire
  7. The following tests will be run and must pass in order to be approved
    • Author of the template file must match directory name
    • Template display name must be unique for all templates
    • Template ID must be unique for all templates
    • lastupdatedate date format should be M/DD/YYYY

Validate XML Signature

If file validation is required

# Import my GPG key.
invoke-restmethod | gpg --import -

# Download XML and signature
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "" -OutFile "./communitymarketplace.xml"
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "" -OutFile "./communitymarketplace.xml.asc"

# Verify signature.
gpg --verify ./communitymarketplace.xml.asc