Downloads ICA file utilizing Citrix Storefront API
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Storefront ICA file creator

Created Date: 7-20-16 Updates: 08-27-17: Added to PS gallery


Refer to Releases for updates

How to:

See blog for more information.


  • PowerShell v4 or greater must be installed
  • Unauthenticated StoreFront Store must be created for JavaScript
  • Anonymous Delivery Group must be created for JavaScript


Uses PowerShell web requests to create, download and launch a Citrix ICA file via an unauthenicated or authenticated Storefront URL. Currently uses PowerShell.

.\get-ICAfile_v3.ps1 -unauthurl "https://storefront.mydomain.local/Citrix/unauthWeb/" -appname "Notepad++" -icapath "C:\temp\myica.ica"

.\get-ICAfile_v3_auth.ps1 -sfurl "https://storefront.mydomain.local/Citrix/StoreWeb/" -icapath "C:\temp\myica.ica" -username "jsmith" -password "mypassword" -domain "mydomain.local" -appname "Notepad++"

PS Gallery

If running PowerShell version 5 or above you can install via Microsoft PowerShell Gallery


Install-Script -Name get-ICAfile_v3_auth -Scope currentuser
Install-Script -Name get-ICAfile_v3 -Scope currentuser


Save-Script -Name get-ICAfile_v3_auth -Path <path>
Save-Script -Name get-ICAfile_v3 -Path <path>


Update-Script get-ICAfile_v3_auth
Update-Script get-ICAfile_v3


Uses XMLHTTP request and JSON2 to create and download a Citrix ICA file via an unauthenicated Storefront URL

<button onclick="starticaurl('https://storefront.mydomain.local/Citrix/unauthWeb/', 'Notepad++')">Launch App</button>