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A transparent proxy written in Golang. It can send to upstream proxies (e.g. corporate) and CONNECT on any port through corp proxies, giving internet access to external internet resources.
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Build Status

Any Proxy

go-any-proxy is a server that can transparently proxy any tcp connection through an upstream proxy server. This type of setup is common in corporate environments. It is written in golang and has been load tested with 10,000 concurrent connections successfully on a Vyatta running a 64-bit kernel.


Build status can be found at

More info

For more info, see


This project is actively maintained. As of this writing (March 2019), I haven't had any bugs submitted in a few years, which is why you don't see much for code changing. But be assured that I am watching the project and will address any bugs that come in.


You can add basic authentication parameters if needed, like this:

any_proxy -l :3140 -p ""


$ git clone
$ cd go-any-proxy
$ ./make.bash

You'll end up with a binary any_proxy

Experimental Mac OS X support

Fredrik Skogbreg has written the support for Mac OS X, but it is considered experimental until a load and performance test is completed. To build the mac version, after cloning this repo with git clone, change to the mac branch with git checkout mac, then make with ./make.bash. You'll need to configure some firewall rules in Mac OS X firewall, see issue #16 ( for instructions.

-Ryan A. Chapman
Sun Nov 2 16:39:24 MST 2014

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