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Who wants to play Tic Tac Toe?!
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Tic Tac Toe

A browser-based version of the classic game with the same rules: the first user to get three tiles in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally wins!

If at any point during the game you would like to start the match over, just hit the Reset button at the bottom of the board.

Once there is a winner (or a tie), you can click the Play Again button to start a new game with the same users. If you want to change the players' names instead, just click the Start Over button.

To Run Locally

  1. Clone the repo to your local machine with the following command when in your working directory: git clone

  2. Move into the cloned directory: cd tic-tac-toe

  3. To run webpack-dev-server, run npm run start, which will start the application in your default browser

To Build

To build a bundle using webpack, run npm run build and the JS / Sass files will be compiled and output in to the docs directory.

What I Would Add

  1. Allow game sessions to persist upon page refresh by storing board/tile state in LocalStorage
  2. Adjust the timing of touch events for mobile devices and tablets
  3. Allow users to choose their color and/or symbol
  4. Use SVG icons instead of font-based psuedo elements
  5. Do more cross browser/device testing
  6. Fix webpack.config.js to extract index.html from src and output it into docs, which would enable hot reloading for changes to the markup

Technical Decisions


I chose to use Sass as my pre-processor as I am familiar with it due to professional and personal work. I also used BEM methodology for my stylesheets to keep them modular.


Instead of using a JS framework like React or Vue (both of which I have some experience with), I decided to use vanilla JS in order to brush up on my foundational skills. I also transpiled my JavaScript using Babel via my webpack configuration, so I could write code using ES6 syntax.


I chose webpack as my build tool because I have been using it on a personal project lately. It made running a local dev server, setting up hot reloading, transpiling my JS and compiling my Sass very easy.

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