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Sinatra Book

A cookbook full of excellent tutorials and recipes for developing Sinatra web applications.

How to build the Book

Before you can translate the book into various formats you need to install the dependencies.

gem install bundler
bundle install

In the root directory, launch the following Thor task:

thor book:build

This will install an HTML version of the book in the output folder

To build a LaTeX or PDF version you have to use this task:

thor book:build latex
# or
thor book:build pdf

How to contribute

Want to help contribute recipes or tutorials into the Sinatra Book?

Check out the Sinatra Book Contrib project for all of the recent additions from the community.

If you're looking for something to work on be sure to check the issue tracker first, then read up on the styling guidelines.

Once you have forked the project, feel free to send us a pull request.

Join us on IRC (#sinatra at irc.freenode.org) if you need help with anything.