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python segmenter/ --train data/splits/train1 --dev data/splits/dev1 --test data/splits/test1 --type chunk --decode all --log test.log --T_C 0.00000001

Codebase used for the following publications:

  1. Ryan Cotterell, Arun Kumar and Hinrich Schütze. Morphological Segmentation Inside-Out. EMNLP 2016.

  2. Ryan Cotterell and Hinrich Schütze. Joint Semantic Synthesis and Morphological Analysis of the Derived Word. TACL. 2017. arXiv

  3. Ryan Cotterell, Tim Vieira and Hinrich Schütze. A Joint Model of Orthography and Morphological Segmentation. NAACL. 2016.

As regards 3), the code presented here is a substantially revised codebase of the ones used to obtain the experimental results. Due to better optimization, the results have slightly improved!