A starting point skeleton from which to build your own Process module.
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Hello Process Module

A starting point skeleton from which to build your own Process module. Process modules are used primarily for building admin applications and tools. This module also creates a page in the ProcessWire admin to run itself from.

This version of ProcessHello is designed for ProcessWire 2.5.5 or newer.

How to use this to make your own Process module

To see exactly what this module does, you may want to install it as-is first. Then uninstall and follow the instructions below.

  1. Rename the ProcessHello.module file to be Process[YourModuleName].module.php

  2. Change the class name to be Process[YourModuleName]

  3. Modify and add to this module to make it do what you want.

  4. If your module needs its own CSS and/or JS files, rename those included to be the same as your module name and modify them to do whatever you want. If your module does NOT need CSS and/or JS files then delete them.

  5. Edit the Process[YourModuleName].info.php file to contain info specific to your module.

  6. If you want your module to be configurable, edit the Process[YourModuleName].config.php file, update the configuration, and change the class name as appropriate. If you do not need a configurable module, simply remove the file.

  7. Change all the text here to describe your module and update the README.md file.

  8. Change the copyright line directly below to have your information.

  9. When ready, post your module to GitHub and to modules.processwire.com!

Stop by the ProcessWire forums anytime and we will be glad to help with any questions.

ProcessWire Copyright 2014 by Ryan Cramer