A little hack for Mac that instantly search Google for the highlighted text when a hotkey is pressed
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This little Mac application/hack helps you instantly search Google for the currently highlighted text by hitting the hotkey Option+G.

How to use

Download and run the application: http://ryandao.net/files/InstantGSearch.zip. It's a background app so you won't see anything. Confirm whether it works by highlighting some text and hit the magical hotkey Option+G.

It's better to run the app on startup by adding it to the Login items at System Preferences > Users and Groups > Login Items

Build from Xcode

Clone the repo, open the project file with Xcode. Go to Product > Archieve > Distribute > Export as Application to build the application from source code.

How it works

The app simulates the Copy action whenever the hotkey is pressed and grab the text by polling Pasteboard. It then opens Google search for the keyword in your default browser.