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Test an Active Directory User Account
This command will test if a given Active Directory user account exists.
The name of an Active Directory user account. This should be either the samAccountName or the DistinguishedName.
Optional, a path for a log file
PS C:\> Test-ADUser rdevries
Author : Ryan DeVries
Last Updated: 2015/05/19
Version : 1
[Parameter(Position=0,Mandatory,HelpMessage="Enter an AD user name",ValueFromPipeline)]
[Parameter(Position=1,Mandatory=$false,HelpMessage="Enter the path of a log file to use")]
[ValidateScript({Test-Path (Split-Path $_ -Parent) -PathType Container})]
begin { # Configure environment, set up logging, initialize variables
if (!(Get-Module ActiveDirectory)){ Import-Module ActiveDirectory }
Write-Verbose "Starting $($MyInvocation.Mycommand)"
Write-Verbose "Detected parameter set $($PSCmdlet.ParameterSetName)"
Write-Verbose ($PSBoundParameters | out-string)
$newlog = $false
if ($log){ if(!(Test-Path $log -PathType Leaf)){ $newlog = $true } }
if ($log){
if ($newlog){
Write-Verbose "Starting log at $log"
Start-Log -Path (Split-Path $log -Parent) -Name (Split-Path $log -Leaf)
$scriptstring = "Starting $($MyInvocation.MyCommand)"
foreach ($param in $PSBoundParameters.GetEnumerator()){ $scriptstring += " -$($param.key) $($param.value)"}
Write-Log -Path $log -Line $scriptstring
process {
Write-Verbose "Searching for user $username"
if ($log){ Write-Log -Path $log -Line "Trying $username" }
# Tries to get information about the specified user, returning true if found and false if it catches the specific ADIdentityNotFound exception, terminating if it finds any other error
try {
$user = Get-ADUser -Identity $username -ErrorAction Stop
if ($log){ Write-Log -Path $log -Line "Found: $(($user | out-string).TrimEnd())`r`n" }
Write-Verbose "Found user : $(($user | out-string).TrimEnd())"
catch [Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.Management.ADIdentityNotFoundException] {
if($log){ Write-Log -Path $log -Line "User $username does not exist" }
Write-Verbose "User $username does not exist"
catch {
#handle all other errors
if ($log){ Write-Log -Path $log -Line "ERROR : $($_.Exception)" }
Write-Verbose "ERROR : $($_.Exception)"
throw $_
end {
if ($log){ if($newlog) { Stop-Log -Path $log } }
Write-Verbose "Ending $($MyInvocation.Mycommand)"
Remove-Variable user -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue