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The nile-ha manages a fleet of monitors to provide ha dns routing as a service

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Much like the whims of a wild river, unexpected events can cause internet services to fail in catastrophic ways. Civil engineers tame rivers, like the Mississippi, by employing a variety of methods to protect against catastrophe -- one of these methods involves building locks to quickly redirect the flow of water to another channel. Similarly, in the event of an internet service catastrophy, nile-ha will block flow into the failed service.


Nile-ha requires a few dependencies:

  • Amazon's Route53
  • Apex domain access
  • N independent platforms
  • Desire for availability



Deploy to Heroku

$ git clone
$ cd nile-ha
$ heroku create
$ heroku config:add $(cat sample.env)
$ heroku scale gc=1 monitor=1 web=1
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