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a heroku buildpack that runs executables
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Heroku Buildpack: Ø

Use Ø if you need Heroku to execute a binary.


Create a directory for our Heroku app:

$ mkdir -p myapp/bin
$ cd myapp

Here is an example of an executable that will run on 64bit linux machine:

$ echo -e "#\!/usr/bin/env bash\n echo hello world" > ./bin/program
$ echo -e "program: bin/program" > Procfile
$ chmod +x ./bin/program
$ ./bin/program
hello world

Push the app to Heroku and run our executable:

$ git init; git add .; git commit -am 'init'
$ heroku create --buildpack
$ git push heroku master
$ heroku run program
Running `program` attached to terminal... up, run.8663
hello world


I wanted to run various executables (e.g. log-shuttle) on Heroku without compiling them on Heroku. Thus, I compile programs on my linux 64 machine, or fetch the binary from the project, commit them to a repo and then run them on Heroku with the Ø buildpack.


You will need to make sure that a 64bit linux machine can execute the binary.

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