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django image hosting application similar to a "private imgur".
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Imghost is a django webapp for hosting and sharing images. It is designed to be "semi-private" so that users of the webapp can upload images and share them, but a listing of all images is not available publicly.


  • Upload images
  • List all images
  • Link to mirror to imgur (on list page)
  • Duplicate protection (new images with matching md5sum will be discarded and the existing image link will be provided)
  • Twitter Bootstrap layout

Planned Features

  • Multi-user friendly
  • Easier deployment
  • Mobile friendly listing
  • Mobile upload app (android)


More on how to do this later. Currently I use a combination of mod_wsgi for my primary instance of the app, and gunicorn or the django server for development.

I use mysql for my "production" instance, and sqlite3 while developing. Postgresql and others should work just fine though, there isn't any magic going on.


imghost is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for full details.

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