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Macduff is a tool for finding the Macbeth ColorChecker chart in an image.


Macduff depends on OpenCV, and the default Makefile uses pkg-config to set the correct compilation flags. Tweak as needed.

$ make
$ ./macduff input.tif result.png > result.csv


Macduff result

Macduff will try its best to find your ColorChecker. If you specify an output image, it will be written with the "found" ColorChecker overlaid on the input image with circles on each patch (the outer circle is the "reference" value, the inner circle is the average value from the actual image). Macduff outputs various useless debug info on stderr, and useful information in CSV-style on stdout. The first 24 lines will be the ColorChecker patch locations and average values:


The last two lines contain the patch square size (i.e. you can feed another program this and the location and safely use a square of size with the top left corner at x-size/2,y-size/2 for each patch) and error against the reference chart. The patches are output in row order from the typical ColorChecker orientation ("dark skin" top left, "black" bottom right):

ColorChecker layout

See also: Automatic ColorChecker Detection, a Survey


Macduff is 3-clause BSD and includes some code taken from OpenCV. See LICENSE.TXT.