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RotateBake - a Mac app for baking EXIF rotation into images
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RotateBake is a Mac app for baking EXIF rotation into images. You know your iPhone images that show up rotated wrong in Safari? Yeah, this fixes that.

Download it now!


Drop images onto RotateBake and they will be rotated appropriately and have the EXIF rotation value stripped.

RotateBake has only been tested on OS X 10.6.

All RotateBake does is run the following command against each input image:

jhead -autorot filename


RotateBake bundles Intel-compiled versions of:

The cupcake icon is from Graphicpeel.

RotateBake was created with Platypus.

RotateBake "itself" is WTFPL, provided you abide by any additional restrictions of redistributed bundled components if you also redistribute them.

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