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1 h1. Thinking Sphinx
3 h2. Usage
5 First, if you haven't done so already, check out the main "usage": page. Once you've done that, the next place to look for information is the specific method docs - ThinkingSphinx::Search and ThinkingSphinx::Index::Builder in particular.
0353c1d @pat Clarifying current Merb support
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7 Keep in mind that while Thinking Sphinx works for ActiveRecord with Merb, it doesn't yet support DataMapper (although that is planned).
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9 h2. Contributing
11 Fork on GitHub and after you've committed tested patches, send a pull request.
13 To get the spec suite running, you will need to install the not-a-mock gem if you don't already have it:
15 git clone git://
16 cd not-a-mock
17 rake gem
18 gem install pkg/not_a_mock-1.1.0.gem
20 Then set up your database
22 cp spec/fixtures/database.yml.default spec/fixtures/database.yml
23 mysqladmin -u root create thinking_sphinx
25 You should now have a passing test suite from which to build your patch on.
27 rake spec
da49610 @pat Added textiled readme
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29 h2. Contributors
31 Since I first released this library, there's been quite a few people who have submitted patches, to my immense gratitude. Others have suggested syntax changes and general improvements. So my thanks to the following people:
33 * Joost Hietbrink
34 * Jonathon Conway
35 * Gregory Mirzayantz
36 * Tung Nguyen
37 * Sean Cribbs
38 * Benoit Caccinolo
39 * John Barton
40 * Oliver Beddows
41 * Arthur Zapparoli
42 * Dusty Doris
43 * Marcus Crafter
44 * Patrick Lenz
45 * Björn Andreasson
e27c22d @pat Fixing typo, removing morphology setting if blank/nil - thanks to Jae-Ju...
pat authored
46 * James Healy
b5559f2 @pat Mirroring changes to plain-text README into textile version
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47 * Jae-Jun Hwang
8acf5d8 @pat Adding address fix - thanks to Jason Rust
pat authored
48 * Xavier Shay
27d4a46 @pat Adding Gopal Patel to contributors list
pat authored
49 * Jason Rust
d1d6e89 @pat Adding ERB translation (just like Rails) for database.yml - thanks to Pe...
pat authored
50 * Gopal Patel
f66088f @pat Forgot to add Chris Heald to the contributors list a while ago. Sorry Ch...
pat authored
51 * Chris Heald
18b1f31 @pat Tweaking some useful patches from Josh French slightly
pat authored
52 * Peter Vandenberk
f332781 @pat Adding Andrew Bennett (PotatoSalad) as a contributor
pat authored
53 * Josh French
fb64e49 @pat Adding Jordan to Contributors list
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54 * Andrew Bennett
55 * Jordan Fowler
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