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1.02 Release
This is *NOT* a drop in upgrade. There are core CSS file changes for transitions, so please do a merge/test locally before deploying.
1) Transitions were pulled out of jq.ui.js into their own folder. You can now include just one, or all of them.
2) Major changes were made to the css files dealing with transitions/positions. Panels are no longer staged to the left.
This is needed for the next major update that will introduce native scrolling on iOS5 devices.
3) We reworked a lot of the effects to take full advantage of -webkit-transform, like transitions, side menu animation and action sheet.
4) We've added the ability to add custom headers via the <header> tag. You can reference them on the panel with the data-header attribute.
5) You can now put custom <header> and <footer> tags inline in panels and they will be used on that panel only.
6) $.ui.updateNavBar(). This has been deprecated. We use a listener now to process clicks on navbars.
7) ui/jq.ui.js now is similar to the minified version, all plugins (minus are included. The source has been moved to ui/src/jq.ui.js
8) Added new jq.ui property - showLoading:true - This will show the loading spinner on ajax requests. Setting this to false will not show a loading screen.
9) Added new jq.ui property- isAjaxApp:false - When set to true, this will treat every request as if the anchor had data-refresh-ajax=true and data-persist-ajax=true
10) jq.ui.css - Removed images for expand/collapse class and close button. They now use CSS3. Any other images have been converted to data-uri's.
11) icons.css - removed SVG file and embedded TTF as data-uri.
12) Fixed events not propegating on navbar anchors
13) Fixed transition bugs on iOS devices
14) Fixed spacing bug in default navbar - there was a 2 pixel space between tabs until a new footer was loaded.
15) Fixed z-indexing issues in the header with the back button and title