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Vogels 2.0 - JSON document support. Closes #50

New Features

 * Full JSON document support, including support for List, Map, and BOOL datatypes. Closes #16, #44
 * New timestamps config option to automatically add the attributes createdAt and updatedAt when defining a model. These attributes will get automatically get set when you create and update a record.
 * Flexible schema configuration to allow unknown, dynamic attributes both on top level and nested records
 * Ability to fully configure global and local secondary indexes. Allows to configure index names, attribute projection settings and index throughput. Closes #43 , #48
 * adding deleteTable api to remove the table from DynamoDB. Closes #10
 * 100% code coverage with new integration test suite and integration with travis-ci.

Bug Fixes

 * CreateTables checks if error occurs while attempting to create a table. Fixes #41
 * Fixed error handling when streaming query, scan and parallel scan requests.
 * Fixed retry handling when running query and scans. Fixes #45

Updated dependencies

 * Joi to v5.1.0
 * aws-sdk to v2.1.5 - Closes #49
 * async to v0.9.0
 * lodash to v2.4.1
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