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MooTools Template

  1. Clone it
  2. Open up .gitmodules and delete the stuff you don't want
  3. Add some stuff you do (make sure it works with packager)
  4. $ git submodule init
  5. $ git submodule update
  6. Checkout the right branches / tags / whatever for each library so everybody is happy, for example:

    $ cd javascripts/core
    $ git checkout 1.3
    $ cd ../more
    $ git checkout
  7. Require the files you need with /build.php during development

  8. Build static files before deploying to production.

Isn't it great?!

<script src="/build.php?scripts=Core/Element,Core/Request"></script>

    <!-- write the file instead -->
<script src="/build.php?path=/path/to/site/build.js&scripts=Core/Element,Core/Request"></script>
<script src="build.js"></script>

More coming ...

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