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Command-line password management.


raziel is built on node.js, install with npm.

$ npm install -g raziel

Basic Usage

First Run

You may need to restart your terminal session after installing with npm.

The first time you save a password raziel asks for the master password. The bcrypted hash of this password is stored in ~/.raziel.json. It's also used as the encryption key to all of your passwords, so if you forget it, you're hosed. Sorry.

If you don't like raziel, uninstall the module and delete ~/.raziel.json.

Create a password and store it by key

$ raziel twitter

It will ask you for your master password and then save a new password for twitter and copy it to your clipboard (Mac OS X).

Retrieve a stored password by key

$ raziel twitter

Copies your twitter password to the clipboard.

List keys

$ raziel list

Obviously, you can't store a password with the name list :P

Delete a password

$ raziel rm twitter


-h, --help               output usage information
-v, --version            output the version number
-p, --pass [password]    specify a password
-r, --reset              reset a password
-l, --length [length]    length, no less than 6
-n, --nonumbers          no numbers
-u, --nouppercase        no uppercase
-s, --nospecials         no special chars
-e, --echo               echo password
-m, --master [password]  provide master password
-j, --jsonfile [path]    password file path


Create a new, auto-generated password on the fb key.

$ raziel fb

Reset the password to a new autho-generated password

$ raziel fb -r

Echo the password instead of copying to clipboard

$ raziel fb -e

Create a new specific password on the key github.

$ raziel github -p muhpassword

Reset and specify a password

$ raziel fb -rp muhtherpassword

Generate a 32 character password

$ raziel bank -l 32

Generate a password with no special chars

$ raziel whatevs -s

Generate a really crappy password (no caps, no numbers, no specials, 6 chars)

$ raziel pansie -nusl 6

Echo a password w/o being prompted for the master password:

$ raziel fb -e -m masterpassword


Your master password is stored as a bcrypted hash.

Your other passwords are encrypted with aes256 using your raw master password as the key (which isn't stored anywhere, you provide it with each use).

So, it's pretty useless w/o knowing your master password.


MIT Style license