A tiny, cross-browser, JavaScript library.
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... because sometimes, all you need is a snack.


I don't maintain this, so if you use it, you have assumed maintenence.



  • ~3.4kb! (minified, gzipped)


  • Use any selector engine. Ships with multiple builds (QSA, Qwery, Slick, Sizzle)
  • Several element methods
  • API to add more element methods


  • Cross-browser DOMContentLoaded (domready)
  • Cross-browser DOM events
  • Event Delegation (with or without a selector engine)


  • Publisher objects for application communication


  • Cross-browser AJAX


  • Shallow object merge with snack.extend
  • Prototypal inheritance with Object.create
  • A few other utilities (only those snack uses)


Snack is very well documented. In the repository is a docs folder. Simply open docs/index.html in your browser or visit the Snack Homepage.

Contributing / Testing / Building Snack

Submodules (selector engines)

Because Snack ships with several selector engines, there are submodules for each one. You'll need to first update them to build or test Snack:

From the root of the repository:

$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update


The tests require node >= 0.4.6, npm >= 1.0.0, and submodules to be updated (see above).

To run the tests, install dependencies and fire up the server (used for all the ajax stuff).

$ npm install .
$ node server.js


Build snack like so:

$ ./build

The tests do not require you to build snack.

Inspiration and code snatching from:

  • MooTools (c) Valerio Proietti, MIT license
  • jQuery (c) John Resig, Dual license MIT or GPL Version 2
  • Zepto (c) Thomas Fuchs, MIT License
  • ContentLoaded (c) Diego Perini, MIT License


MIT Style license.


Copyright (c) Ryan Florence