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astronomical data pipeline
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pypeline - an astronomical data pipeline in python

The goal of this package is to provide a cross-platform (python), open (github) pipeline for astronomical image processing. The bulk of the action is in More to come later.

Currently my source of images is a Nikon D5200. The NEFs (RAW files) created are converted to tiffs using dcraw and then analyzed using opencv. This package should be compatible with every image format supported by dcraw, which is over 500 different cameras as of the time of this writing.

Many thanks to Dave Coffin's dcraw for raw image conversion. That project can be found at

Supported platforms

Currently only linux is supported, but adding support for windows or osx should be easy enough, provided dcraw is available for those platforms as well. As for filetypes, pypeline should be compatible with anything dcraw can read. The list is quite substantial, I belive 500+ camera models as of this writing.

Change log

    image stacking added
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