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Iter8 is a tool for pointing stories as part of an agile development cycle. Users connect and vote on how long it will take to complete stories. When all users have voted, a results screen shows the vote distribution, plus average and median point values.

Screenshot of users connected to an Iter8 server

Screenshot of Iter8 voting results


Iter8 is packaged as an npm module. You can either install it using npm, or download the source and run it directly from the application's directory.

Installation using npm

npm install -g git+

Run from source

git clone git://


You can start the server with iter8 if you installed using npm, or by running ./bin/iter8.js in the source directory. Once you've started the server, you can connect to your instance of Iter8 at http://localhost:8080 (users on other machines will need to use your actual IP address).

Supply the --help flag for online help with command-line arguments:

iter8 --help

Usage: iter8 [options]


  -h, --help         output usage information
  -V, --version      output the version number
  -p, --port <port>  server port [8080]

By default, Iter8 starts on port 8080. Use -p or --port to use a different port.

Integration with Pivotal Tracker

If you want to automatically pull the latest unpointed stories from an installation of Pivotal Tracker, create a credentials file that contains (by default, a file named .pivotal_tracker.json). This file should have a username, password, and projectId in JSON format:

  "username": "alicesmith",
  "password": "p4ssw0rd",
  "projectId": "425000"