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PDFEncrypt is a free, open-source utility written in C# (.net 4.7) for encrypting/password protecting PDF files quickly and easily.

This is the official, original version of PDFEncrypt by the original author, Ryan Griggs. Please note that all other versions are forks and may not respect or comply with the core principles of privacy and freedom held by the original author.

Download Windows binaries from the official site:

Now available free in the Microsoft Store!


The PDFEncrypt application and source code are licensed under the AGPL. You may download, install, use, and distribute the PDFEncrypt application freely under the AGPL. You may download, modify, fork, and distribute the PDFEncrypt source code under the AGPL.

Restrictions: you may not use the term "Official" or "Original" to designate forks of this project, and forks must credit Ryan Griggs and both within the application and on any documentation and/or related websites.

The "PDFEncrypt" brand is a trademark of Griggs and is not licensed under the AGPL. If you wish to release a forked version of PDFEncrypt, you must rename it to avoid confusion with the official branch.

The PDFEncrypt Logo is a trademark of, and copyrighted by, Griggs and is not licensed under the AGPL. If you fork this project, you must create your own logo which is materially different from the official logo, to avoid confusion between yours and the official/original version.

Build instructions

Install latest Visual Studio from (

Choose to install the .net framework 4.7.2 developer pack during install

Clone the repo and open the project in Visual Studio.