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No longer fear leaving your server alone. The Away Moderation Bot has you covered while you're away.
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Away Moderation Bot

No longer fear leaving your server alone. The Away Moderation Bot has you covered while you're away.

Away Support Discord / Try It Out:
Invite The Bot:
**Check Out Our Websie: **

What is this?

The Away Moderation Bot was created for Discord Hack Week under the moderation category. It's a highly customizable open source bot for both developers looking to fork the project and server owners. The bot utilizes a trained AI to parse messages and determine if they are found to fall under one of the following categories: Identity Attack, Insult, Obscene, Servere Toxicity, Sexually Explicit, Threat, or Toxic. Also, an enhanced audit log feature for server owners is included.

How does this "AI" stuff work?

A library developed by TensorFlow (by Google) is layered in Away Bot under a per-server-basis cache (for speed) and was trained using the civil comments datasets: - this set alone contains well over 2,000,000 comments labeled for each of the previous categories.

What do I get as a server owner?

You get a reliable moderation bot that can do what your moderators never could. After a message is found in violation of your own server's configuration (per-server-config) the message will be deleted and a flag will be added to the message's author. After a person reaches a certain amount of flags? Well, you decide what happens! For a list of features take a look below.

Per-Server Features

  • Smart Filter (AI detection)
  • Threshold Configuration (for the AI)
  • Configurable Flag Limits (before Mutes, Kicks, Tempbans, and Bans)
  • Configurable Mute / Tempban Lengths
  • Configurable Blacklist / Whitelist (for words of your own)
  • The Ability to Enable/Disable Filters (at will)
  • Improved Audit Logs

Developer Features

  • The ability to hook up your own Firestore (by Google, Firebase Database) to keep your data independent.
  • Huge configuration for command information and personal preferences (commands, reasons, names, thumbnails, colors, etc.)
  • 16+ Command / Job / Utility examples to make it easy to add your own commands and features.


Default Prefix

The Away Moderation Bot uses ^ as it's default prefix, but you can configure it to whatever you like in your own server. Take a look at the prefix command below.

User Commands

  • help
    • Descripion: Relay information about the Away Moderation Bot.
    • Usage: help | help
  • flags
    • Description: DMs the user the total amount of flags they currently have.
    • Usage: flags

Admin Commands

  • prefix
    • Description: Change the phrase used as the prefix. Default is ^.
    • Usage: prefix
  • smartfilter
    • Description: Manage the smart filter feature status and threshold.
    • Usage: smartfilter | smartfilter <enable/disable/(1-99)>
  • filterpunish
    • Description: Manage the punishments given after a certain threshold of flags.
    • Usage: filterpunish | filterpunish <mute/kick/tempban/ban>
  • filterconfig
    • Description: Enable/Disable filter statuses at will.
    • Usage: filterconfig | filterconfig <enable/disable>
  • filterlength
    • Description: Modify the length of a mute/tempban that results from filter flagging.
    • Usage: filterlength | filterlength <mute/tempban>
  • blacklist
    • Description: Blacklist a certain word for flagging by the smart filter.
    • Usage: blacklist | blacklist <add/remove>
  • whitelist
    • Description: Whitelist a certain word to not be flagged by the smart filter.
    • Usage: whitelist | whitelist <add/remove>
  • aflags
    • Description: List the flags for a certain user, or clear their flags.
    • Usage: aflags
  • bypass
    • Description: Enable/Disable immunity from the smart filter for yourself or a certain user.
    • Usage: bypass | bypass
  • purge
    • Description: Purge a defined amount of messages in a channel.
    • Usage: purge <1-100>

Debug Commands (Admin Commands)

The commands here are meant for developers or server owners experiencing malfunctions.

  • dump
    • Description: Dump all data tied to Away in your server.
    • Usage: dump
  • reset
    • Description: Wipe and reset your server data for Away. WARNING: THIS INCLUDES USER DATA.
    • Usage: reset

How do I fork and install this bot? (For Developers Only, Users Use Invite Link Above)

You're in luck. We have a great video tutorial!

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