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Truffle Mint Dai

This repo is a Truffle project as an accompanying supplement to the article Forking Ethereum Mainnet: Mint Your Own Dai.

This repo contains a test suite that shows you how you can mint your own Dai on a forked Mainnet with a contract called ForceSend.sol to send ether to the Dai ERC20 contract so you can call its own function mint for your newly generated ganache-cli addresses.

See the article for more. Please run ganache-cli with the fork and unlock args as so:

ganache-cli --fork NODE_URL --unlock 0x89d24A6b4CcB1B6fAA2625fE562bDD9a23260359

or as an alias, edit your /.profile and add at the bottom:

export ETHEREUM_NODE=http://localhost:8546

Then reload it with:

source ~/.profile

Then in this directory run:

yarn ganache


To set up your dev environment, run yarn.


After your forked Mainnet with ganache-cli is up and running, simply run yarn test.

You should expect output like below:

Sample Test Output

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