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Computer Programming: Python

Description: This repo is for a semester long Python programming course for high school students. The contents are created use Jupyter notebooks. To look at the content online without installing Jupyter, please click on the 'Launch Binder' icon at the top of this ReadMe.

About the Author: I have been teaching computer science to students in 5th - 12th grades since 2014 and have also been involved with various curriculum developments for the AP computer science courses. Currently I'm located in NC where I teach at Carolina Day School. Feel free to reuse this repository in your classroom as long as you give credit to the original authors for their work.

Contents of the Course: In this, I try to teach as much content as students will need to pursue programming in Python on their own. The course will start with knowing nothing about Python and make steps through the course to eventually get to object oriented programming and creating classes.

  1. Intro to Python Syntax
  2. Control Statements in Python
  3. Using Strings and Writing String Algorithms
  4. Using Lists in Python
  5. Objects in Python
  6. Writing Classes in Python


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