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A plugin for Obsidian.

Review allows you to add the current note to a future note (or past note, if you want to, I guess) to make sure you review it again on that date.

This can be useful for project review (e.g., Getting Things Done), as a tickler file (e.g., Getting Things Done, again), spaced repetition, and to remind you of past failures or that embarrassing thing you did yesterday.

Review integrates with (and therefore requires) the Natural Language Dates plugin. Please install it first.


Make sure you review (heh) the plugin's settings to assign:

  • A heading for the review section (defaults to ## Review).
  • A prefix for each line added when you invoke Review (e.g.,
  • A prefix for each block added when you invoke Review on a block (e.g., using ! will make each block an embed automatically)
  • A default for each review (e.g., if you use tomorrow, you can just hit enter when you invoke Review to put the thing you're reviewing on tomorrow's daily note

How to use

  • Use the command palette to access the Review command (or assign a hotkey to it).
  • Once you invoke the command palette, the plugin asks for a date. Use natural language ("tomorrow," "in three weeks," "two days ago," "November 5")
  • The plugin relies on the Natural Language Dates plugin to translate your given date into a daily note name as per your settings in that plugin
  • The plugin then creates a new daily note for the given day with a new review section (or appends this section to the given daily note, if one already existed).


A gif showing the use of this plugin as described above.

Manually installing the plugin

  • Copy main.js and manifest.json to your vault's plugins folder, under [YourVaultFolder]/.obsidian/plugins/review-obsidian/.