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generator-sb - Spring Boot Yeoman Generator


Scaffolds a basic Spring Boot app. It is similar to start.spring.io but has some extra features and functionality.

  • If you select the Spring Data JPA starter dependency it will give you the option to include a dependency for an in memory database as well.
  • It creates a Maven profile you can use to run the application. Simply run $ mvn -P run to start the application.
  • It includes a sub-generator to scaffold out rest APIs and database repositories.
  • If you are going to deploy the application to Cloud Foundry it has several other additional benefits.
    • It includes the Spring Cloud Connectors dependencies which you can use to help access services bound to your application.
    • If you include the Spring Cloud Connectors dependencies it will also create a configuration class which extends AbstractCloudConfig for your application.
    • It will include the Cloud Foundry Maven Plugin in your POM file and setup a Maven profile using this plugin to deploy your Spring Boot app to Cloud Foundry. Deploying your Spring Boot app is as simple as mvn -P deploy.

Getting Started

Install Yeoman (you will need NPM installed)

$ npm install -g yo

Clone this Git repo

$ git clone https://github.com/ryanjbaxter/generator-sb

Link the Yoeman generator

$ cd generator-sb
$ npm install
$ npm link

Once linked you should now be able to run the generator from anywhere on your command line, just run

$ yo sb


This generator can also scaffold out a basic CRUD REST API for domain objects within your application. As an optional part of scaffolding out the REST API you can also generate a Spring Data Repository interface if your REST API will be interfacing with data from a database. To use this sub-generator you need to have previously created the domain object you want to create a CRUD API for.

To run the sub-generator just run

$ yo sb:restcontroller <complete package name of rest controller class>

For example

$ yo sb:restcontroller com.acme.AnvilRestController


Currently this generator will only generate a Spring Boot Maven project, there is no support for Gradle at this time.


This code is licensed under Apache v2. See the LICENSE file in the root of the repository.


For a list of 3rd party dependencies that are used see the package.json file in the root of the repository.