Docker Compose file for OCR Spring Cloud demo
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This repo contains a Docker Compose file that can be used to start up all the apps necessary to run the OCR microservices demo from my blog. In order to run the containers you will need Docker and Docker Compose installed.


First clone the repo

$ git clone

From the root of the repo run

$ cd ocr-docker
$ docker-compose build
$ docker-compose up

This will start several Spring Boot apps.

OCR Eureka

Eureka server used for service discovery. Runs on port 8761.

OCR Races

Serves race data. Runs on port 8282.

OCR Participants

Serves participant data. Runs on port 8181.


Servers web content. Runs on port 8080.

OCR Hystrix Dashboard

Serves the Hystrix Dashbaord to monitor circuit breakers. Runs on port 8383.

OCR Zipkin

Zipkin server to aggregate tracing information. Runs on port 9411.

OCR Config Server

Configuration server. Runs on port 8888.