Lets build an RTS Game with Unreal Engine 4!
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Welcome to RTS Community Project


Check out the new model list for this RTS Project. To all those who are modeling for this project, please add your model with your name and other model details to that document. To gain access to the document please send me your email address as a private message on Unreal Engine Forums. Here is my profile

I will then invite you to edit the document.

Polls Closed. Follow the links to see the result:

Vote for RTS Game style, type and more:

Era vote

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Hi there!

This is the project page for a Real Time Strategy Game developed by the awesome [Unreal Engine 4 community] (https://forums.unrealengine.com/). Started by Satheesh PV (aka ryanjon2040) on Aug-12-2014 this project is meant to be released on PC and possibly for Android and iOS. If you are a Unreal Engine 4 Subscriber then dont wait. Jump right in and download this project.

This project is aimed to be Blueprint exclusive but this may change in future.

How may i help?

Its simple. You can help in any way you want. By contributing new assets (characters, props, textures, materials etc) or by creating new gameplay mechanics or by creating new levels etc. You can also help by making this project available in multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Linux, Mac etc. If you dont want to help, its ok. Just spread the word. :)

What is available now?

Newly Added

  • RTS Camera functions such as zooming and moving around with WASD and rotation with Right Click.
  • Selecting character and moving him around.
  • Selecting a structure from HUD and placing it on world.
  • Grid placement for structure.
  • New animated mesh that shows MoveTo Hit location.
  • Dwarf character from Epic's Strategy Game Example.
  • Multiple Units (Civilian and Fighter). NOTE: They are placeholders only.
  • Selection box can now select multiple characters.
  • Ability to move multiple characters.
  • Basic AI
  • Resources (Collectible Wood, Gold and Food)
  • Resource spawner Blueprint Blutitlity
  • Collectible Food

How to get started

The current RTS Community project is based on Unreal Engine version 4.4.0 Preview Build. You can always get this version of the engine using the Unreal Engine Launcher, or you can grab the full engine source from GitHub and compile it yourself.

Downloading the RTS project:

  • Download the project by clicking the Download Source button on this page.
  • Unzip the files to a folder on your computer.
  • Load up Unreal Editor
  • On the Project Browser screen, click Browse and navigate to the folder where unzipped the files.
  • Choose the RTSTemplate.uproject file.

You'll now be looking at the very latest work-in-progress version of the game!

Contributing through GitHub

One way to contribute changes is to send a GitHub Pull Request.

To get started using GitHub:

  • You'll want to create your own RTS Community Project fork by clicking the Fork button in the top right of this page.
  • Next, install a Git client on your computer.
  • Use the GitHub program to Sync the project's files to a folder on your machine.
  • You can now open up RTSTemplate.uproject in the editor!
  • Using the GitHub program, you can easily submit contributions back up to your fork.

NOTE: This Readme file will be updated in future.