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Unreal Engine 4 Binary Builder

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This is a small app designed to create binary build of Unreal Engine 4 from GitHub source.

Watch the below video to get an idea. Watch the video

How to use (Compiling Engine)

Step I
  • Download the latest release of Unreal Binary Builder.
Step II
  • Clone or Download UE4 source from github.
Step III
  • Open Unreal Binary Builder.
  • Click Browse and select root folder of your downloaded Engine (where Setup.bat and GenerateProjectFiles.bat exists).


  • Once the root folder is selected, click Start.
  • If Continue to Engine Build is enabled, then Unreal Binary Builder will automatically continue to compile the Engine with given options under Compile tab.
Step IV
  • Click Compile tab and set options for the Engine. Screenshot


Bug with 4.25.4
There is a known issue with 4.25.4 where it fails to build with an error message: AutomationException: Attempt to add file to temp storage manifest that does not exist (<Path To Engine>\cpp.hint) This issue has been fixed in 4.26 but if you need to use 4.25.4 see this workaround by Bernard Rouhi:

Access Denied on some files?
On Windows, just change the ownership to Users then try again. To change ownership on Windows, follow these steps

  • Right click on the UE4 folder, choose Properties
  • Switch to Security tab
  • Click on Advanced
  • Near the top, click on Change User
  • A new dialog will open, in the text box at bottom, type in "Users", then click Check Names
  • OK till the end.


HandyControl by HandyOrg

DotNetZip by Henrik/Dino Chiesa

GameAnalytics by Game Analytics

Json.NET by Newtonsoft

Sentry.NET by Sentry

AutoGrid by SpicyTaco

LogViewer by Federico Berasategui

NetSparkle by NetSparkleUpdater

Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.coma