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Concrete is a minimalistic Continuous Integration server.



npm install -g concrete
git clone git://
cd yourrepo
git config --add concrete.runner "coffee test/"
concrete .
open http://localhost:4567


Usage: concrete [-hpv] path_to_git_repo

  -h, --host     The hostname or ip of the host to bind to  [default: ""]
  -p, --port     The port to listen on                      [default: 4567]
  --help         Show this message
  -v, --version  Show version

Setting the test runner

git config --add concrete.runner "coffee test/"

Setting the branch

git config --add concrete.branch deploy

Adding HTTP Basic authentication

git config --add concrete.user username
git config --add concrete.pass password

Post build

After building Concrete will run .git/hooks/build-failed or .git/hooks/build-worked depending on test outcome. Like all git hooks, they're just shell scripts so put whatever you want in there.

Concrete is heavily inspired by CI Joe

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