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A functional test suite based of qUnit, Selenium and jQuery

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Building a new FuncUnit
1. Clone the repository at
2. Use git submodule init and git submodule update to get the submodules.  The only ones we'll need are steal and funcunit
3. Unzip funcunit/java/selenium-server.jar into a folder at funcunit/java/selenium-server/
4. Make whatever changes you want to syn, funcunit, drivers, or selenium. 
5. From the framework directory, on the command line run js funcunit/build.js.  This will build the JS scripts and copy the relevant files.
6. Using a tool like 7-zip (for windows), zip up the java/selenium-server folder.  Copy the selenium-server.jar into the funcunit/java folder.
7. Run js funcunit/build.js again (to copy the jars).

That's it, funcunit/dist contains the same standalone funcunit placed into the standalone download.
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