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Octopress Goodreads Status Plugin

Octopress Plugin / Aside for displaying Goodreads status updates


  1. Copy the files to your Octopress directory (goodreads_status.rb to plugins -- goodreads.html to asides)

  2. Obtain your Goodreads ID

Login to Goodreads and click on your profile -- the ID needed for the plugin is number-username combo that follows http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/ in the URL. The ID should look like 8988247-ryan

  1. Modify the goodreads.html aside that you recently moved into your Octopress install and replace {YOUR_GOODREADS_ID} with the ID you obtained in the previous step. Keep in mind that anyone can easily view your Goodreads status updates with this ID.

  2. In the same goodreads.html aside replace {MAXRESULTS} with the maximum number of results you wish to display. Your aside should contain something that looks like this: {% goodreads 8988247-ryan|3%}

  3. Edit your config file and add goodreads.html to your asides list

  4. Add the following to your _styles.scss file

  .goodreads-aside h1 a { text-decoration:none;}
  .goodreads-aside .tiny { font-size:10px; }
  1. Generate your site and verify everything is working as desired and deploy as normal

License and Disclaimer

You are free to use/modify/redistribute this plugin as you see fit. The only thing I ask is that you consult the Goodreads Terms and Conditions before making any changes with how the data is displayed.

Use the following Octopress plugin at your own risk. Although I don't forsee this causing any problems, I take no responsibility in any way for anything that happens as a result of using this code.