A Ruby on Rails webapp with tools for roommates.
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Domatio is a web site for roommates. It was created using Ruby on Rails.

How To View The Site


Domatio is currently deployed on Heroku. To view it visit domatio.herokuapp.com It may take a while to load as Heroku idles the server sometimes and it takes up to a minute to run the server again.


If you would like to run Domatio on your own system, perform the following:

NOTE: This will NOT work on a Windows machine. Please use a Unix system.

  1. Install Git, Ruby 1.9.3-448 and Rails 3.2.8 (As of November 5, 2013 CSIL at UCSB is running the correct versions)

  2. Clone the repo

    git clone git@github.com:ryanlevi/domatio.git
    cd domatio
  3. Install dependencies

    bundle install --without production
  4. If you are greeted with no errors, you may now run the server by typing in the following:

    rails server
  5. You can now find Domatio running at localhost:4848 (or if you are on CSIL csil.cs.ucsb.edu:4848).

Running Tests

To run tests and check coverage, navigate to the domatio folder and type in the following:


You can see a detailed coverage report by navigating to domatio/coverage/index.html

How to Use Domatio

First, sign up on the front page with your email, Name and password. Then create a group and invite your roommates. If your roommates are already part of a group, wait for an invitation from them. To create a Bill, click Bill on the navigation bar and click Add New. To view the discussions, click Discussions. To add a discussion, click +New. To add a reply to a current discussion, type your response and click Reply. To log out, press log out on the top left corner of your screen.


Domatio is a web app that serves as a tool for roommates living together. First time users will create an account to the website and log in. They will then create a group and invite their roommates to the group. After everything is set up, they will login and see a portal. The portal will include many tools like a bill splitter that allow users to set up bills (recurring or otherwise) and then split the cost between the roommates. The website will also keep track of who paid and allow users to send money online with Paypal. There will also be a schedule uploader, that allows users to upload their schedules and compare them with one another, finding best times for movie nights and chores. This feature will integrate with the next two features: a movie night suggester and a chore scheduler. The chore scheduler will give everyone in the house a chore and use their schedules to suggest the best times for them to do that chore. The movie night scheduler, will use the IMdB website’s API to display the top ten movies and then allow the roommates to pick from those and discuss. There will of course, also be discussion threads on the website, as well as many other features. We feel that the nature of our webapp is very modular and it will be simple to add or change features. The website backend is primarily written in Ruby, using the Rails framework. We will also have a few databases using PostgreSQL and ActiveRecord. There will also be some HTML/Javascript/CSS for the frontend of the website.


This is a group project for our CS 48 Software class at UCSB. Group members:

Ryan Levi
Shayon Javadizadeh
Sidney Rhoads
Marc Juchli
Jaime Pedraza