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Checks Ruby on Rails models for use of the attr_accessible white list.
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Moved to GitHub from Google Code on May 1, 2008
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= audit_mass_assignment plugin for Ruby on Rails

  The audit_mass_assignment Ruby on Rails plugin contains a rake task that
  checks the models in your project for the attr_accessible whitelist approach
  for protecting against "mass assignment" exploits.  It does not check for
  use of attr_protected.

== Installation

  gem install ryanlowe-audit_mass_assignment --source

== Usage

  $ rake audit:mass_assignment

== Notes

  If you want to protect ALL attributes in your model use:
    attr_accessible nil

  Why are "mass assignment" exploits a danger to Rails applications? See these links:
  1. Do not create records directly from form parameters
  2. Railscasts: Hackers Love Mass Assignment
  3. Rails Manual: Typical mistakes in Rails applications: Creating records directly from form parameters
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